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IN THE NEWS: NAMI North Carolina

November 15, 2016

NAMI North Carolina is excited to announce the launch of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Family Advocacy Initiative. NAMI North Carolina, in partnership with NC DHHS, is taking action to help people with mental illnesses attain and maintain employment.

Employment among people with mental illness is very low despite research that strongly supports the critical impact that work plays in promoting recovery. IPS Supported Employment is a national evidence-based practice that helps people with severe and persistent mental illness Read More

    We are past election season and the holidays are quickly approaching. Here are some ideas of how to alleviate some of the stress:

    It can be very beneficial to write your thoughts down in a notebook or journal. Journaling has been shown to be healing. It can evoke mindfulness as you are in the moment when you journal. It can also spark creativity. Simply going for a walk can reduce stress. Walking can boost endorphins (the happy chemicals) in your brain and Read More

    The goal of the NAMI NC Statewide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Conference is scheduled for February 7 at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC.

    Our bi-annual conference attracts a wide audience including law enforcement officers, jail administrators, court personnel, emergency responders, social workers, counselors, and mental health advocates. Last year our conference sold out, and we expect the same this year. The goal of this conference is to offer relevant and timely education and training to help attendees do their jobs more effectively Read More

    Research has shown North Carolina has some of the longest wait times around.

    On any given day, pediatrician Lindsay Irvin estimates a quarter of her patients need psychiatric help. She sees teens who say they are suicidal, and elementary school children who suffer chest pains stemming from bullying anxiety.

    Though she does her best, she doesn’t consider herself qualified to treat them at the level they need at her practice in San Antonio. She doesn’t have the training, she said, to figure Read More

    An acute need for more and easier access to mental health treatment and improvements in communications technology have set off a boom in remote therapy, but strict licensing rules and varying state laws are hampering its growth.

    Like telehealth in general, using videoconferencing, smartphones and other technology to treat mental illness has long been recognized as an invaluable tool for getting care to people in rural areas, where shortages of psychiatrists, psychologists and other providers are even more acute Read More

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